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Rat Thief: A Robber Scenario compatible with Catan's Settlers of Catan

Rat Thief: A Robber Scenario compatible with Catan's Settlers of Catan

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Looking for a new take on your favorite game night game? Try this new robber scenario from Tabletop Monthly!

A swarm of thieving rodents are terrorizing the island and multiplying quickly. Do you encourage their growth or toss a stone at them?

Rat Thief Rules

  • Replace the robber with a single rat. When rolling a 7 or playing a Knight, the roller/Knight player may discard one or more wheat to grow the swarm. For each wheat discarded, add one rat to the swarm (6 rats maximum).
  • Before the max hand limit occurs, move the rats to a single hex as a swarm. Once moved, starting from the player clockwise of the mover, players may discard a stone, two bricks, two woods, or both a brick and wood to scare away a single rat.
  • After every player has a chance to discard, hand limits take effect.
  • If no rats remain, a single rat returns to the desert, and no cards are stolen. Otherwise, the roller/Knight player steals an equivalent number of cards as rats remain. The stealing may be split between multiple players.
  • Hexes with one or more rats do not produce resources.
  • When playing a Knight, the Knight gains the trait Pied Piper and may move the swarm to another hex.

  • 6 Wooden Rat Meeples
  • 1 Rules Printout



  • Compatible with Catan's Settlers of Catan and Catan Expansions
  • Replaces the Robber and provides new gameplay opportunities and strategies
  • Players can feed the rats wheat to grow the swarm
  • Toss a stone to scare the rats
  • Includes 6 Wooden Rat Meeples and Instructions
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