Best Catan Map Generators

Below is my handpicked selection of the best Catan Map Generators.

Why use a map randomizer?

Using a map randomizer enhances the board gaming experience, ensuring no two games are alike. These websites and apps are simple to use and offer convenient customization options like the number of players, number distribution rules, and more. 


My Favorite Catan Map Generator Websites

    1. The Better Catan Board Generator Screenshot of the Better Catan Map GeneratorIf you're looking for simple, quick, and effective, then the 

      Better Catan Board Generator by Jamison Bunge

       is your best bet. I love how I can easily switch between a basic map or the 5-6 player Catan extension. For those wanting further customizations, there is a more options button that allows for adjusting the rules of place numbers and resources. The biggest downside of this map generator is that it does not include options for expansions. I'd love to see some Seafarers or Cities & Knights board options added.

    2. Generate Catan Board
      Screenshot of Generate Catan Boards
      If you're looking for the most options, then Generate Catan Board provides it! Trevor Richardson created this set of map generators, which offers the most options regarding Catan board randomizing with in-depth stats and probability odds.

      I love how you can check the statistical probabilities of collecting each resource after generating a map. Also, this randomizer creates boards for:
      • Standard (3 to 4 players)
      • 5-6 Player Extension (5 to 6 players)
      • Cities & Knights (3 to 4 players)
      • Cities & Knights 5-6 Player Extension
As for drawbacks, it's less user-friendly and can take some getting used to. But, once you get used to it, it is excellent. Again, I wish there were options for Seafarers.